Which Time of Year Sees The Most Road Accidents?

There can be a number of causes of road accidents, many of them preventable – such as drunken or reckless driving. However there are other causes, such as poor weather conditions affecting road surfaces, that can cause significant problems for even the best and most careful of drivers. With this in mind there can be little doubt that the time of year when the majority of road accidents take place is winter, when the weather in Britain is often particularly hazardous, with combinations of snow, rainfall and freezing cold making road surfaces very slippery and dangerous. If you have been involved in an accident and are looking to make a road traffic accident claim contact irwinmitchell.com.

Winter is officially recognised as the time of the year when the most road accidents happen in the UK, with statistics showing that January is the month when the highest number of vehicle crashes and collisions take place. The causes of this are the extreme weather that Britain often experiences in the depths of winter, which can create problems with road surfaces, as snow and rain coupled with extreme cold create a layer of ice on the surface of roads. This makes it advisable for all drivers who are required to use their vehicles frequently in such weather either to invest in specialist winter (or snow) tyres, or make sure that their standard tyres have the required level of tread to be able to provide the necessary degree of traction on slippery roads – no less than 2mm, but ideally closer to 3mm.

Another reason why winter is the time of year when the most road accidents occur is because of the often-violent winds that hit Britain during these months. These can be a significant contributor to road accidents, as the can cause even good, experienced drivers to lose control of their vehicles. Winter is also the season with poorest visibility, as it gets dark much earlier during these months, making it harder for drivers to see when on the roads.

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