Toyota FJ Cruiser for Off Road Driving Experience

In recent times there are many car enthusiasts that look out for the best off road cars because they love to go different places that might not have the same kind of road texture. Hence, many new car manufacturers are now launching cars that are made for off road driving experience and FJ Cruiser by Toyota is certainly making its mark as one of the best off road cars in the market. Toyota has design FJ Cruiser for superior performance on rugged terrain and to deliver some off road performance. It has the best departure and break over angles when you take a look at Toyota 4WD range.

Toyota FJ Cruiser

Unlike other off road cars, Toyota FJ Cruiser has larger angles that allow the vehicle to enjoy steeper climbs and descent without any part of the body touching the ground. This is really important for any off road car because the surface is very uneven and bouncy. FJ Cruiser has superb ground clearance and has rear differential and vital chassis components. The ground clearance ratio is 224mm which is second in the range after LandCruiser 200 Series. The car has 17 inch wheels and has short overhangs 865 at the front an 1115 at the rear which allows FJ Cruiser to take on any off road conditions.

The excellent break over angle of the car does the trick for FJ Cruiser because it’s the main component that can impact the climbing and descent of the car on various off road tracks. Apart from that a good departure angle also gives an advantage to the driver to turn off on steep slopes and narrow track to return in reverse. Toyota’s FJ Cruiser is certainly better for those who love to drive on regular and off road tracks and it will appeal the younger generation who prefer adventurous trips. The new FJ Cruiser is inspired from the original LandCruiser FJ40 that had the record of returning from any environmental condition. The new FJ Cruiser has 4.0 liter petrol V6 engine, dual range transfer case and large wheel articulation. Toyota has also added various safety features for drivers like stability control, traction control, anti-skid brakes and electronic brake force distribution.

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  1. MM ChanceFeb 5, 2011 at 6:31 am

    No kidding. There are many other good off roaders but yeah this is a solid vehicle too. I use the hummer so this is not my cup of tea though. hahah

  2. CarsCrazeFeb 9, 2011 at 8:21 am

    Somehow I find land cruiser was a better model. I have used both myself and sometimes old is gold theory works with car models too. Sometimes it’s the latter though.

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