Top 6 Green Cars of 2012 You Should Watch Out

Green is the color of the future and therefore many car makers are now coming up with better vehicles that are provide better fuel efficiency and excellent performance. There are many vehicles that are launched in the market every year but here we take a quick look at the top 6 green cars that will be launched this year.

1. Vauxhall Ampera

Vauxhall Ampera

If you are interested in an electric car that can really perform then you should look out for the new Vauxhall Ampera 2012 which comes with zero tailpipe emission and it can take you more than 50 miles on the battery that is provided with it. The car is one of the best fuel efficient cars with fuel economy of 175 mpg which means that you can keep on driving with this car. Although, the price may be little too much for this but saving on petrol will make this car much affordable in the future.

2. Renault Zoe

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Nissan Leaf brought in the idea of all electric cars and now Renault has decided to do something similar with the launch of Renault Zoe which does not require any petrol or diesel at all. Renault teamed up with Nissan for the development of Zoe and it looks very much like Clio. The car was shown at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show where it received great positive response. The car has the top speed of 84 mph and has a range of 100 miles. The car can accelerate from zero to 62 in 8.1 seconds.

3. Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid

Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid

Toyota has already been making waves with the Prius range all over the globe and now the top class car maker is ready with the launch of Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid that is going to set the market on fire. This petrol electric plug-in hybrid has the ability to go 134 mpg which means that it has excellent fuel efficiency compare to other cars in the same range. The car has very low emission rate which means that it makes it among the top green cars for the year 2012.

4. Kia Rio

Photo by amcgore

When you are in the competition thinking differently does help you to sustain. Kia has decided to stay on conventional terms and still come up with better green car called Kia Rio which has a diesel engine that has the fuel economy of 88 mpg. The car comes with 1.1 CRDi diesel engine that has emission ratio of 85 g/km CO2. Once in the market, the Kia Rio will become the most economical conventional car in the United Kingdom. This means that there will be more eyeballs on this one for sure.

5. Ford Focus

Ford Focus

The all new Ford Focus is now packed with Econetic Technology which makes it among the top green cars for 2012. The car will have a diesel engine which can provide fuel economy of 83 mpg with 89 g/km CO2. The low budget price of this car will make it an instant hit in countries across Europe where people can get better fuel economy at low rates.

6. Lexus GS 450h

Photo by Official Lexus UK

Many people believe that fuel economy cars are not luxurious but consumers are now going to get better luxury at low rates with Lexus GS 450h that will be launched in mid 2012. This rear wheel drive luxury sports saloon has the ability to go from zero to 62 mph in 5.9 seconds but it still manages to be among the top green cars in 2012. The car has similar technology of Toyota Prius but this one has 3.5 liter V6 engine which can allow consumers to have zero emission at low speeds.

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