Toyota has come up with fresh energy saving tri-generation plant idea. The installation of such a plant is about to take place by next year, as planned according to the Toyota Australia’s corporate headquarters. The office situated in Melbourne has worked on various plans to embark upon the tri-generation plant idea. These energy saving gems will become part of the new world technology bringing huge dividends for the economy. 40% of the plan of this plant was left since the energy saving plans featured from 2007-08 levels. Now the next stage of the developments are about to take place with the tri-generation plant going to come up with fair new accesses.

The most important news, in fact to be precisely the most important financial news today in Australia has been made by the automobile company Toyota. Toyota has been making waves in Australia and also in the rest of the world because of the sudden increase in popularity of the brand, and the sudden increase in popularity of the company leading to an increase in the revenue of the company.

Toyota has recently announced a number of startling new statistics that has established Toyota as a definite market leader in the field of automobiles and this is actually a very well established fact now, in the present day. Attention grabbing headlines have been made by Toyota in the present day. Toyota is now a major market leader I the field of automobiles in Australia because in Australia, Toyota cars are quite literally selling like hot cakes, and this is an undisputed fact in the present day in the world.

Toyota in the present day has made waves and splashes in the automobile industry by selling more than 108000 vehicles in a month. It has also crossed more than one million vehicles for the financial that is going to end in June this year. The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries bring out a fact list also known as the vfact data which shows the position of Toyota as a market leader I Australia as well as in the rest of the world. This is the most important reason behind Toyota hitting a record high in the market of new cars.

It’s celebration time for the Toyota automotive company, as official records indicate that they’ve achieved 60 months of selling the most number of vehicles in Australia, and that too, consecutively.

In March 2010, Toyota sold over twenty thousand vehicles in Australia, towering over their closest competition by 72%. In fact, the March 2010 sales figures showed a 22.3 % increase in vehicle sales as compared with the March 2009 numbers. Toyota did not just outrank each of its competitors last month; its sales were greater than those of the companies ranking second and third put together.

In that month, the Toyota Prado, an SUV, recorded almost 2100 sales, with the Toyota Hilux recording over 10,200 deliveries, setting a Q1 2010 record. And they show no signs of stopping. In fact, the company believes that by the end of the 2010 financial year, there would be over 950,000 sales recorded.

In 2010, Toyota has sold over 50,000 vehicles, 20,000 of which were sold in the same month.  If Toyota continues to chalk up the numbers at the same rate, then the financial year 2011 would be a landmark for the company, with a prediction of the one-million mark being reached during that year.

The Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan and Toyota Motor Corporation Australia have recalled all their Prius vehicles immediately in a hurried affair. This is a safety measure against a reported repeat complaint on brake failure. Toyota sold about 2400 Prius vehicles in Australia and about 100000 vehicles worldwide – are all called back.

The brake failure complaints have totaled around 200 globally and luckily no serious accidents reported. The cause seems to be in the ABS management program of vehicles electronic control unit (ECU).

The setting of brake response time seems to have been distributed somehow. The resetting of the program takes about an hour at all authorized Toyota dealers who maintain test equipment. The repairs are Free of Cost to car owners.

Irv Miller, who has been the Vice President of the environmental as well as public affairs department for several states for Toyota, is going to retire after an intensive career.He has been with Toyota since June 1980. There have been various key held offices with their corporate head quarters coming to manage differing material positions along with Toyota and Lexus divisons right under him. During his career he had some regional merchandising with some new fleet management services based in the regional offices in San Francisco.

Prius Plug-in Hybrid

This debuts about the Hybrid Concept which the new version of Toyota Company launches in 2010. This debut is very important for those who use the Toyota company products. This company introduced in Hybrid product which gives much result about the Prius Plug-in Hybrid.To give the more efficient concept about Hybrid, Toyota company manage the show in the TORRANCE, Calif, on December 14, 2009. This was held in Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.

Photo by MJTR (´・ω・)

Photo by MJTR (´・ω・)

In this Debut show the will stage the world debut of a new dedicated hybrid concept vehicle during the 2010 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

This vehicle about the Prius Plug-in Hybrid system will be announced in the news conference held on Monday, 11 January 2010.

It means it is the product of New Year and gives the best result of motor with system of Prius Plug-in Hybrid. This is why the Toyota Motor Company is the famous company about the motor in the world. This Prius Plug-in Hybrid system will be introduced first time in the world by Toyota Company and it was first step toward the Hybrid. This show gives the best knowledge about hybrid to the customers of the Toyota motor.

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