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BMW is leaving nothing behind to ensure that they provide global recognition to their Mini brand. The company is working hard to come up with better ideas that can help Mini to get global acceptance and therefore BMW has now decided that they will take Mini to the Middle East. After supporting the Berlin Film Festival in Germany and Burton Open Series in Laax Mini is now going to Middle East as the company has decided to come up with their first showroom in the Kingdom of Jordan. Mini is one of the most popular premium small car brands and the company has some good business strategies in mind to improve their global sales network.

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The trend of affordable small cars is forcing various car makers to come up with simple car models that can provide them value for money. The 2012 Toyota Yaris is among the new list of cars that will be available in the market for those buyers who are looking for small urban car that can fit the family without any problems and even fit the budget. Toyota believes that this segment in the automobile industry is definitely going to bloom in the future and therefore they are focusing on coming up with better affordable and value for money cars like 2012 Toyota Yaris.

2012 Toyota Yaris Exterior