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Lexus CT 200h

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Car makers are now coming up with some of the best car models that can create a lot of buzz in the automobile industry. Recently, Lexus decided to create a storm and they came up with one of the best hybrid cars under their belt, the all new 2011 Lexus CT 200h. However, Lexus is trying to do something new with this car and for that they have announced to come up with the CT Remix Program. The program is designed to introduce the new Lexus CT 200h to consumers who are inspired by music in their lives. The car company has also announced that CT 200h will be the most fuel efficient car under their belt. The car designers have made sure that the car looks sleek and has dynamic handling with four power modes that can certainly make driving a pleasure for all the Lexus CT 200h consumers.

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Lexus CT 200h

Video games have really become popular across the globe and therefore many car manufacturers make it as their way to promote their latest brands in the market. Lexus is now trying to promote its all new CT 200h Hybrid by merging with Xbox 360. Xbox 360 is a video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and together they will support All-Nighter. On 18th December, 2010, Lexus will sponsor the entire gaming marathon for Halo: Reach. Gamers who are logged in will have the chance to download Lexus content available and win more prizes that can go on for all night long.

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Lexus CT 200h

If you are fond of a mobile studio that gives you an insight into the lives of the rich and famous “Darkcasting” is sure the show for you! Hosted by actress cum stand up comedian Whitney Cummings this entertaining talk show will capture uncensored conversations with influential celebrities who will drive the Lexus CT 200h. Now that sounds cool and at the same time you get an opportunity to catch a glimpse into how these creative individuals see the car. There are a number of professional angles that are dealt with and it is sure a treat to watch these people deal with them on a chat show. You actually get to know what you do not know about them as many secrets are revealed on the show!

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Lexus CT 200h

New Lexus CT 200h Abridged is on the roads combing the entire key attributes of Lexus, offering its customers a great experience in the premium car segment. The appealing part is the Lexus Hybrid Drive with the Lexus MUST. It has a dynamic as well as an elegant styling which is inherent of the previous cars. The manufacturing quality surpasses any tests accompanied by the attention it grabs with a very good customer service.

Photo By Official Lexus UK

The unique energy management system is the core feature of the new CT 200h’s Lexus Hybrid Drive. The Lexus engineers focused for enhancing both on aspect of environmental as well as improving up on the driving experience they have to offer.

The CT 200h accelerates 0-60 mph in about 9.8 seconds delivering an output of 134hp. On the other hand it is high on efficiency with its very low fuel consumption. The fuel economy estimates predicts a 42mpg as its fuel economy rating.

The particulate emissions are almost zero for Lexus Hybrid Drive when compared to other diesel engine vehicles.

Further the outstanding environmental credentials enhances Lexus Hybrid Drive experience. It has been powered by several energy saving and environmental friendly techniques. Some of these are LED lighting; it also has an efficient audio system with amplifier & bamboo charcoal speakers. The interiors also include the use of some bio-sourced materials.

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Lexus CT 200h

A good news for all the moody and crazy people who loves to drive their cars according to their frequently changing moods like yell driving, cool driving, budget or fuel efficient driving and more. Lexus takes a step ahead in making perfect hybrid cars for such people. The company is set to mark the debut of CT 200h, a car that is powered by the latest development of Lexus Hybrid Drive.

Lexus CT 200h offers four driving options that facilitate four different moods of a person from a relaxed driving to a crazy and dynamic one. The adorable mode, out of four, is the SPORT mode, which supports the driver to completely exploit the agile handling of the car.

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Lexus CT 200h

Lexus has just announced the launch of the brand new CT 200h which is going to be up for sale in the markets of US in 2011. This is also going to be well reputed as the first compact hybrid vehicle to be out in the market.

This is quite a sport version with five doors and a very stylish and chic look. Out from March 31 upto Aprill 11 during the New York 2010 Auto Show, customers will get a glimpse into this beauty.

Photo by Lexus CT 200h

“The CT 200h is expected to lead the class in fuel economy and deliver low emissions, but the CT 200h isn’t just about being a hybrid, it’s about having fun,” said Mark Templin, who is the  Lexus Division group vice president and general manager.  “The stylish CT 200h has an attitude and driving dynamic unlike any other Lexus hybrid.  It will excite eco-conscious, young consumers and symbolize urban, luxury living.”

In fact the Lexus is all focused on marketing this brand new car in a different way. Lexus has already decided to come out with a brand new short film which will provide a glimpse of a test drive of the CT 200h. This will be quite an interesting way of to rope in the customers who want better technology in their cars.