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Honda is now focusing on the small car market especially in India because Honda believes that small affordable cars are very much popular in countries like India where car parking and road traffic are major issues. Honda Siel Cars India now launch their another small car called Honda Brio which in Italian means energetic and cheerful. The car is already available in Indian market. Honda has tried to incorporate the best technology that it has to make this car fun and fuel efficient. The car also boasts of various features like having more space for the passengers and driver and provides safety features as well.

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Honda has been striving to come up with best new cars that can provide better driving experience to the drivers as well as to the passengers. The all new 2012 Honda Accord is something that is a unique combination of style, performance, efficiency and value for money and therefore there are many consumers who are waiting for the launch of this car so that they can experience better driving options Honda Accord sedan has always been one of the top rated cars and there are many buyers who feel that Honda Accord comes with excellent styling and performance. If you are interested to know more you can read more about the features in 2012 Honda Accord review.

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Honda Motor Company is one of the most popular motorcycle as well as automobile manufacturing company in the world and holds the record for being the sixth largest automobile manufacturer worldwide. The company is also the first Japanese automobile manufacturer who released a dedicated luxury car brand, namely Acura, way back in 1986. Apart from automobiles and motorcycles, Honda also manufactures marine engines, garden equipment, power generators, personal watercraft and more. Honda has some of the best selling cars in the world and some of the global car brands from Honda are Civic, Fit, Accord, CR-V, Odyssey and Insight. However the brands available vary from country to country. Most of the Honda brands always manage to find a spot in the most fuel efficient cars list.  In fact Civic GX from Honda has been voted for seven consecutive years in a row, as the greenest car in United States. Honda Motors has also announced that it would start selling two brand new models of electric plug in vehicles in the United States in 2012.

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Buying Honda cars has said to be fulfilling and satisfying to those who would like to get the best deals out of their hard earned income. Honda Accord and Fit has been the best options by a lot of people not just because they are affordable but probably because they are suitable for the need of the people and their lifestyle as well. Honda being a world renowned brand is now one of the 10 best cars in the world after being recognized by the Honda Accord and Fit car and driver magazine and given the title of 10 best cars award.

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Honda Cars has released the production and automobile market performance statistics in December 2009, just before the winter/Christmas holidays. The facts projected on this very important business sector reflect that the overall economic picture is still gloomy.However, the prospects of a better turnover in 2010 are hopefully good.


Photo by Rodgertm
Photo by Rodgertm

Production in Japan decreased further in November for the 13th consecutive month since November 2008. Production analysis for China and elsewhere in other countries show an increase for the first time in the last 14 months since September 2008.The production in Asia and China has set new record for November 2009.

The average worldwide auto production still shows a drop for consecutive 13th month since November 2008.

Japanese Domestic Sales

The domestic market of Japan shows good signs of recovery with increasing sales in November 2009, 5th consecutive successful month since July 2009. The sales of the mini vehicles still kept low for 12th consecutive month.
Registration for new vehicles recorded an increase for the 8th successive month.

New vehicle registrations reported are:

  • FIT cars with 17178 units, second best popular
  • Insight cars with 9413 units, becoming 5th best
  • Freed cars with 9239 units, becoming 7th best
  • StepWgn 7501 units, becoming 10th best
  • Life Mini 660cc 5943 units, becoming 7th best in mini category

Export of Cars from Japan

The exports in November 2009 decreased for the 14th consecutive month since October 2008.