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General Motors is now keen on making better technologies for electric vehicles and they have already started to make some innovative products. GM has recently launched the first real-world pilot of smart grid solutions for electric vehicles. The Company announced the launch of their new real world smart grid pilot at the Plug-In 2011 Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina. To make this project a success, GM will provide leased Chevrolet Volt plug in hybrid sedans to their regional employees where they will drive their vehicles everyday and test the pilot. Nick Pudar, OnStar Vice President of Planning and Business Development said that although there are many companies that talk about smart grid technology but they are already ahead in research and development of such programs in the real world.

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Car manufacturers are now trying to focus on different aspects of cars which would make their car different from others. Hence, many car makers are now focusing on comfort and seats inside their cars which would make the driving and travel experience pleasurable. Chevrolet is one of the leading brand names in automobile industry and it has always come up with something innovative. This time Chevrolet has come up with innovative engineering marvel for their 2013 Malibu model known as OSCAR.

Well, when we talk about OSCAR we think of the awards, but GM’s OSCAR is very much different from that. OSCAR is General Motor’s three dimensional mannequin like simulation that allows engineers to know more about the comfort level of the passengers when they are inside the car. This is definitely going to help the car designers and engineers to come up with better interiors that would provide maximum comfort level. With the help of OSCAR car engineers will have the opportunity to create optimal interior space and comfort.

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Chevrolet Volt has already many hearts and awards all over the world and therefore General Motors have now decided that they will shutdown their Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant for four weeks starting from June as they plan to go for some upgrades that will help General Motors to come up with better technology so that they can significantly increase the rate of production for Chevrolet Volt. Apart from that General Motors is also trying to add the assembly for 2013 Chevrolet Malibu which is a midsize sedan. Currently, the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant is the home for Chevrolet Volt production.

There is no doubt that the demand for Chevrolet Volt is already more than the supply and this shutdown will actually restrict the retailers to stop taking further orders, but General Motors believes that when the production reopens after four weeks they will be in good condition to not only provide Chevrolet Volt to all their local consumers but also export it to Europe and China. General Motors said that they would also like to increase the production for Opel Ampera that has good amount of demand in the international market like Europe and Far East.

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Car makers are now thinking way ahead of what the trends might be in the future and therefore they are now keen on making new electric cars that would allow consumers and car buyers to make better choices when they are buying cars. Electric cars are definitely going to be our vehicles in the future and therefore top manufacturers like General Motors have already started to look forward to it. In the latest news General Motors’ electric motor plant near Baltimore will be the first plant by any major US automaker.

The plant is dedicated to make all critical components for vehicle electrification when the plant will open probably in two years in 2013. GM said that the electric motor design and production will be the core business for General Motors when it comes to making and developing electric and hybrid vehicles. This is why GM is paying more attention to the quality of the electric plant that they are going to open in Baltimore. They further announced that the plant will be a part of their two investments which would total around $269.5 million.

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Car buyers are now becoming very specific about the way they want their cars to perform. On the other hand, they are also very conscious about the fuel efficiency of the car because they realize that they need to save money on their fuel and for that they would better go for fuel efficient cars. Car makers have now realized that they need to come out with better car models that fulfil the demands and features that people are looking for and General Motors is doing really great at launching better cars that would help people to add more power to their car and save fuel too.

General Motors recently announced the launch of their new 2012 Chevy Camaro which will be made to provide better power to the driver but at the same time it would be fuel efficient as well. General Motors said that their 2012 Chevy Camaro will have 3.6 liter direct injection V6 engine that will achieve more power, better fuel economy and fewer emissions altogether with the help of exhaust manifold with the cylinder head into a single aluminum casting. This is certainly a good thing for General Motors because car buyers are now looking for more feature based options rather than going for the looks of the car.

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General Motors is certainly doing a good job when it comes to making and delivering cars that are of highest standards and that have new technology embedded in it. However, this time General Motors have come up with an announcement that they will invest around $2 billion in the United States assembly and component plants which will help them to create and ensure new 4,000 job opportunities in their 17 facilities across eight different states in the US.

Dan Akerson, CEO and Chairman of General Motors said that General Motors has decided to go ahead with this investment and they are doing this because the company is confident about the demand for their vehicles and their growing economy. The announcement was made at the Toledo Transmission Plant which is one of the oldest transmission plants of General Motors. He further added that this new investment will be on top of their $3.4 billion investment that they have already made that creates around 9,000 job opportunities. He also said that all these investments will help General Motors to save more jobs since mid-2009 crisis.

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The year 2010 was really a memorable one for General Motors as they were able to beat all their sales and marketing targets. However, they not only met their targets, but achieved far better than what they had achieved in the year 2009. Recently, General Motors announced that they had delivered 8,389,769 vehicles across the globe in the year 2010 which means that they were able to deliver 12.2% more from the number of vehicles they had delivered in the year 2009. As per their reports, General Motors were only able to deliver 7,477,178 vehicles in the year 2009.

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It seems that the time has come for Hummer to get a new home and this new home is none other than Sichuuan Tengzhong which is a well known industrial equipment company in China.

A potential deal between GM and the Heavy Industrial Machinery Co. is going to close in the 3Q of this year. A joint statement by both these companies has revealed that they are quite near to chalk a deal.

The privately owned Tengzhong is quite well known for their construction and energy equipment industry.

Under this new deal General Motors will act as Hummers contract producer for the said Chinese firm that will use Shreveport La Sichuan Tengzhong existing plant. Tengzhong has also expressed the hope that they would soon enter a new supply and assembly agreement with GM.