Nissan Townpod

Nissan Townpod

Nissan Townpod is a concept car by Nissan for work as well as for play. Unveiled recently, the Nissan Townpod is an electric vehicle with dual purpose. It suits equally well as passenger car and also as a practically light commercial vehicle. It is a car blurring lines between leisure and business worlds.

The external dimension of the car is sporty and compact and the interior is generous. It has a low flat floor with long sliding rear seat making it a versatile vehicle for the purpose of loading and unloading different cargo such as kegs, funnels and anything else, and oops… few extra friends too. It has rear hinged doors along with split trunk doors to make carrying cargo with ease.

Just behind the cargo area, there is long sliding seat to which Nissan calls ‘Disappearing Long Sliding Rear Seat.’ It is like other cars rear seats that fold and slides, but here, due to the slim design, the seats slide back of the front seat, and it effectively disappears.

Nissan Townpod Features

Between the front seats there is the “Puck“, as described by Nissan, a look of squash-ball and with a slit in it. One can hold everything in the Puck, be it drinks, iPods, mobile phones, or anything of similar type. The pucks have more added features. It can be placed in the dashboard and also in the doors.

The car has a dual display screen. The upper part is for displaying battery status, speed and range and the lower part of the screen is for audio and AC displays. More to this, it can easily be synced with iPhone’s calendar and can handle GPS facilities. It’s great. Gone are the days to have cars with cassette players and CD players. Now it is the era of iPod compatible cars. It may be also looked forward that Nissan makes it compatible with other future devices.

At first glance, the outside has a touch of 20’s and 30’s cars. The headlamps at least are similar to that era as it protrudes from the body. However, the shape of the car, as a whole, seems futuristic.

The technology of Nissan Townpod is same as that of Nissan’s Leaf. It emits zero emissions.

Nissan says that the Townpod is made for the entrepreneurs of the world. General Manager of the company says that self employed will be the early adopters of the Townpod.


  1. I think it’s supposed to be “Townpod” not “Townpad.”

  2. Or maybe it’s called Townpod. That’d make more sense. Especially since that’s what they put on the car

  3. Chuck BrandOct 4, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    Ummm…”Townpad?” Dude, it says “Townpod” right on the bumper… 😉

  4. You might want to double check the name again. According to the back of the car its called the TownPod not the Town Pad.

  5. If we are ever gonna get ourselves out of the middle-east, then this is what we’re gonna have to start driving. LOL

  6. curly howardOct 4, 2010 at 11:49 pm

    nissan styling engineers are doing a horrid job with their economy cars. they look awfull

  7. isn’t it called TOWNPOD? not townPAD?

  8. It was a typo, fixed now!

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