5 Reasons to Hire a Traffic Lawyer After You’ve Received a DUI in California

Hire a Traffic Lawyer

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is dangerous and illegal. Courts take DUI charges seriously. Convictions carry severe consequences and even just being arrested can upend your life. You may think that a criminal attorney is your best bet, but there is another option.

The Traffic Lawyer’s Niche:

Traffic lawyers in California specialize in transportation laws of the state. Ticket Clinic resolves hundreds of cases every day with most ranging from simple speeding violations to reckless driving. They also take drunk driving cases and help their clients negotiate charges and penalties.

Here’s why Ticket Clinic’s clients have the edge:

  • Fully licensed attorneys represent and appear for their clients in court.
  • Established relationships with the traffic courts and prosecutors enhances negotiations.
  • Experts in the civil and criminal laws and familiar with the police procedures during a traffic stop.
  • These experts specialize in the traffic laws of the state and understand DMV procedures.
  • Affordable rates put fair representation within reach of everyday people.

The best CA DUI attorney is a traffic lawyer with a powerful network of support. Ticket Clinic hires the best lawyers and legal experts to support clients throughout the state of California.

Fighting Your DUI Yourself:

A drunk driving conviction stays on your record with the California DMV for ten years. Even after you’ve paid your fines and penalties, the damage remains. It impacts your insurance rates, job prospects, and future encounters with law enforcement.

In many instances, defendants choose to represent themselves or rely on the advice of the public defender. They are often unaware some penalties might be avoided with appropriate negotiations. In some cases, it’s even possible to reduce the charges to reckless driving or dismiss the case entirely if officers did not follow procedures correctly.

What to Do If You Were Charged with DUI:

Speak with an attorney about your case. Find Ticket Clinic’s offices throughout California with many new locations opening soon. Get the representation you need from experts in traffic laws.

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