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Toyota is certainly trying hard to keep up with the number one spot in the list of automobile manufacturers across the globe. Hence, they are working hard to come up with better fuel efficient cars that have low price which can help consumers to handle their budget in a better way. Recently, Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc has announced their new prices for the 2012 Yaris, Sequoia, Tundra and Sienna. The all new Toyota Yaris is a next generation subcompact car while Tundra is a full size pickup truck. Toyota Sequoia is a large SUV while Sienna is a van made by Toyota.

Toyota announced that the new 2012 Yaris will have the Toyota Star Safety System and all the standard equipment which is available in the earlier 2011 model. The base MSRP for 2012 Yaris will range from $14,115 which will be for L grade three door backlift with five speed manual transmission to $17,200 for the SE grade five door backlift with four speed automatic transmission. The new prices for the 2012 Yaris will go into effect from August 31.

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Are you planning to buy new Toyota cars that are soon coming up in the market? Well, if you are interested in Toyota FJ Cruiser and Toyota Highlander then you need to first know about their prices as well. Recently, Toyota Motor Sales announced the retail prices for Toyota FJ Cruiser which is a SUV along with Toyota Highlander and Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUV. The company also announced that both these models are full size SUVs and they have better performance and productivity figures. They also announced that there is an increase in delivery, processing and handling fees for all Scion models.

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Toyota is one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world and they always come up with better cars that not only perform, but also allow consumers to have better features at affordable price. Today, Toyota has a range of brands under the umbrella but RAV4 is one compact crossover that has been making waves in the market since its first launch in 1994. The Toyota RAV4 went into North American market in 1996 and since then people in the United States have liked the car. Now, Toyota RAV4 EV is already making the news and there are many rumors in the American market that Toyota is going to provide the 2012 Toyota RAV4 EV only to fleet and car sharing programs.

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It is heard that Toyota sadly had to order for a recall of some of the newer models of its trucks. This is because of a reported problem by a truck owner. In order to avoid injuries and accidents and more of such mishaps, Toyota therefore decided a recall on these trucks to be on the safer side.

So far the reports have confirmed that the trucks are the 2011 model Tundra Trucks and the problem seems to be coming in the rear drive shaft. According to the news received from Toyota, some 51,000 trucks will be called in for this safety inspection.

It is said that the inspection itself will take only a few minutes. However if the problem does arise, it will need to be reported and fixed or replaced which can take longer time. In either case the cost will not be borne by the owner of the truck.

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Car makers are now coming up with some of the best car models that can create a lot of buzz in the automobile industry. Recently, Lexus decided to create a storm and they came up with one of the best hybrid cars under their belt, the all new 2011 Lexus CT 200h. However, Lexus is trying to do something new with this car and for that they have announced to come up with the CT Remix Program. The program is designed to introduce the new Lexus CT 200h to consumers who are inspired by music in their lives. The car company has also announced that CT 200h will be the most fuel efficient car under their belt. The car designers have made sure that the car looks sleek and has dynamic handling with four power modes that can certainly make driving a pleasure for all the Lexus CT 200h consumers.

Lexus announced that the 2011 New York International Auto Show is going to reveal the Lexus LF-Gh Hybrid Concept. Making its global debut, this new bold and stylish concept gives a new meaning to the premium grand touring sedan.

Lexus LF-Gh

LF-Gh stands for Lexus Future Grand Touring Hybrid! The name speaks volumes about the new concept and the future model, which has evolved to include a much bolder and a clear projection of what a luxury car should be.

The designer team is said to have envisioned the grand touring sedan when on the road as well as standing still, in order to come up with design approaches that form a combination of contrasting elements: energetic and soothing; hard and soft. They concentrated on performance, efficiency, elegance, and environmental friendliness combined with advanced technology; coming up with a unique one-of-a-kind vehicle.

Kengo Matsumoto, GM of the Lexus Design Division, Toyota Motor Corporation says, “The captivating design of the LF-Gh concept examines the possibility of balancing what are normally opposing qualities, such as style and functionality.”

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Toyota Corolla has already received a global appreciation since it was first released but Toyota Corolla has now completed a hat trick as it complete straight three months as Australia’s best selling car. In the month of January, Toyota Corolla made more than 4000 unit sales and that is phenomenal for Toyota. Since November 2010, Toyota Corolla has remained as the number one choice for all the people in Australia. Toyota Corolla is now on the top of the competition and it has outsold the second place by more than 33% which is a huge margin to take over the first place.

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In recent times there are many car enthusiasts that look out for the best off road cars because they love to go different places that might not have the same kind of road texture. Hence, many new car manufacturers are now launching cars that are made for off road driving experience and FJ Cruiser by Toyota is certainly making its mark as one of the best off road cars in the market. Toyota has design FJ Cruiser for superior performance on rugged terrain and to deliver some off road performance. It has the best departure and break over angles when you take a look at Toyota 4WD range.

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Toyota has been one of the leading car manufacturers in Australia for more than a decade. However, Toyota Australia have issued a warning to all their customers and the people in general that they have not sent any text messages or emails to them claiming that they have won money or they have won a Toyota car. Bernie O’Connor, Toyota Australia’s  Executive Director of Corporate Services said that Toyota Australia and its related companies do not have any connections with any lotteries that inform the members of the public that they have recently won any Toyota car or won any cash prize whether by SMS or through email messages. He further mentioned that even though the name Toyota appears in the SMS messages or emails they have not send any public messages like these.

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Toyota has already earned the reputation of manufacturing some of the best quality cars in the world that not only look good but have superior performance. This time Toyota unveils their new racing concept known as Toyota iQ. The car is certain small in size but Toyota claims that it’s a small car with big attitude and it will be loved by all the people who want smaller cars for better urban drive. The car was unveiled at the Auto Salon in Tokyo where many car critics from around the world had arrived to take a first look at the car.