There are some car brands that are known for launching some of the best luxury cars in the market and brands like Lexus really steal the show with some of the best cars that they have under their brand. Lexus has now unveiled the new 2013 Lexus RX which will have better upgraded features and appearances to impress consumers all over the world. The company feels that the new appearance of the car will definitely win many hearts and they are sure that the performance of the car is better than the previous model in the market.

Lexus has gained a good repute as luxury automaker and now it is moving towards its net target which is a marketing campaign for its most predictable 2013 Lexus GS Sport Sedan. This Sport Sedan reached in showrooms this week and it’s a complete blend of performance, design, technology, comfort and luxury.

Commercials of this multi-faceted marketing campaign highlight the concept “There is no Going Back” that means rules of industry are difficult to change and once you go out of the way and rewrite rules it is difficult to go back.

Social networking is growing all over the world and one of the top luxury car brand Lexus has decided to go for the new technology that can help them to promote their new products. Although, Facebook is still working on the launch of Timeline. Lexus has decided to launch their new app that is based on the timeline concept that Facebook is trying to introduce shortly. The new app launched by Lexus will allow the company to get in touch with the consumers on a more personal level which will help them to make things better in the future. Lexus revealed that the app is known as Points of No Return and will focus on all new 2013 GS that will arrive in the stores in February 2012.

Integrated marketing is really becoming popular all over the globe as various companies are now trying to merge together to market their services and products. Toyota is the latest of all the companies as the company has now decided to partner with Shazam to promote their new 2012 Camry. Toyota has now announced that consumers can now make use of Shazam mobile app to participate in the contest to win 2012 Camry. For this Toyota has also decided to show an ad which will be aired on NBC on Sunday, February 5 during the Super Bowl event.

Lexus recently got a lot of news coverage for the new Hybrid Concept car that they unveiled at the North American International Auto Show. However, in their recent announcement, Lexus decided to announce the new MSRP for the 2013 LX 570 which is yet another luxury utility vehicle that the company has decided to release in February 2012. Lexus has already commented on the new car that they are going to launch in the market that the all new LX 570 will have bold design along with cutting edge technology. It will also have luxurious interiors and great off road features that drivers and passengers can make use of.

Toyota has been making some of the best cars for consumers who are really conscious about their cars and they recently made an announcement about the launch of their new advanced plug in hybrid concept that they will be displaying at the 2012 North American International Auto Show that will begin in Detroit. Toyota has announced that the new NS4 car will definitely impress the customers who are looking for futuristic cars that can make difference to their driving experience and have better connectivity features.

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