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BMW has been making some of the best cars for many decades now and they are now trying to improve their vehicles that can help them to gain more customer satisfaction and eventually take over the competition. The all new BMW 6 Series Coupe 640d xDrive is among the brand new cars that BMW has launched this year and they have tried to incorporate some of the best features to it. This car has the BMW TwinPower Turbo with two turbochargers and Common Rail direct injection with solenoid valve injectors to improve the performance of the car. The car can accelerate from zero to 100 kmph in 5.2 seconds and has the top speed of 250 kmph. It also has eight speed automatic transmission with Steptronic.

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General Motors is certainly among the top automobile companies that have been coming up with better vehicles and therefore they have the best staff and executives who know their roles well. In recent announcements by the company General Motors said that their Vice Chairman and Chief Technology Officer Tom Stephens have decided to retire with effect from April 1, 2012. Tom Stephens have been working with General Motors for around 43 years when he was only an hourly employee at the Chevrolet Engineering Center and now has a good career which includes taking leadership of company’s global powertrain and product development organizations.

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Porsche has a history of making some of the finest cars in the market and they are really making sure that they provide something better to their customers. This is why Porsche is all ready to come up with the new 2013 Porsche Boxster. Porsche has decided to make some interesting changes to the Boxster that they have and this open top two seat car has undergone many changes that Porsche believes will help them as well as the customers to enjoy their driving experience. Porsche has certainly made the car lighter and have revamped the chassis as well. Hence, the new 2013 Porsche Boxster provides superior performance and saves 15% more fuel than the previous European models.

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The year 2012 has just begun and many automobile manufacturers are looking for some great options and vehicles that they can launch in the market. BMW is among the top companies that is trying to bring in some of the best cars that they have and they have decided to make some updates to their existing range of vehicles in 2012. The company has decided that they will bring in new petrol and diesel engines that has been developed for their BMW 1 Series and 3 Series. This newly developed engines will help the customers to enjoy their driving without spending too much on the fuel as the new engines will help consumers to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emission levels. Both the BMW 1 Series Convertible and Coupe are available in Exclusive and Sport editions and that will help the company as well as the consumers.

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Toyota has been making some of the best cars for consumers who are really conscious about their cars and they recently made an announcement about the launch of their new advanced plug in hybrid concept that they will be displaying at the 2012 North American International Auto Show that will begin in Detroit. Toyota has announced that the new NS4 car will definitely impress the customers who are looking for futuristic cars that can make difference to their driving experience and have better connectivity features.

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Volkswagen is not too far behind in the competition when it comes to launching better cars that can deliver performance and design. The company has now decided that they will launch the new E-Bugster at the 2012 North American International Auto Show that will be held in Detroit. The iconic car by Volkswagen that has been known to the world as Beetle will now get some refinements and the company has decided to make it a pure electric car for the consumers who are looking for futuristic Beetle. Hence, the company has decided to change the name and rename it as E-Bugster.

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North American International Auto Show is just around the corner and therefore top companies like Lexus are making sure that they attract more buyers to their stall. Lexus already announced the launch of their new design concept for hybrid sport coupe at the North American International Auto Show. Lexus has been working on coming up with a better design and they feel that their new hybrid 2+2 Sport Coupe design will be a futuristic design in the world of automobiles. The all new Lexus LF-LC Concept will be available for the consumers this January.

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If you are interested in taking a first look at some of the futuristic cars that will soon rule the road then you should watch out for the North American International Auto Show that will happen in Detroit. Some of the top automobile companies have already planned to showcase some of the best cars that they have under their belt. Honda Acura is really in the line to showcase the best car that they have and they will unveil three new cars at the show for their consumers. If you are interested in Acura cars you will see some of the best vehicles from Acura. The company is planning to debut all new ILX Concept compact sports sedan along with a redesigned RDX which is a crossover sports utility vehicle and a concept version of Acura NSX supercar.

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The all new Chevrolet Volt changed the company profile for General Motors forever and therefore General Motors has been working hard to ensure that they provide better features to their consumers when they buy Chevrolet Volt. GM have recently announced the new improvements to the overall vehicle structure and battery coolant system that can help Chevrolet Volt to perform better and to avoid any accidents happening because of electrical fire especially weeks after severe crash. It was revealed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that there are certain post severe crash battery issues that Chevrolet has to look out for in Chevrolet Volt.

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Consumers today are looking for something that can help them to uplift their status and therefore many car lovers go for sports coupe that can help them take on the roads and at the same time get some social status as well. Lexus is one such brand that has been associated with making some of the top luxury cars that not only look great but they perform equally well. Recently, Lexus has announced that they will display their all new hybrid sport coupe concept vehicle at the Detroit Auto Show which will take off from January 9, 2012.