Bugatti Unveils Veyron Meo Costantini, the Fastest Roadster in the World

Bugatti Unveils Veyron Meo Costantini, the Fastest Roadster in the World

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The iconic French brand Bugatti officially unveiled its third car in the company’s six-part series “Les Légendes de Bugatti” at the 2013 Dubai International Motor Show. Dedicated to six of the most prominent members in the company’s history who helped establish the brand, this third model of Veyron is named as ‘Meo Costantini’ – also the name of a close friend of the company’s founder, Ettore Buggati, and to whom this car is dedicated.

Meo Costantini’s achieved his legendary status in 1920s when he became a double Targa Florio Champion in the Bugatti Type 35 and went on to becoming the head of world famous Bugatti racing team. He held on to this position for eight years and it is his infinite services he rendered to the company during this period that the new car has been designed to give him a complete tribute.

The Meo Costantini is powered by an extraordinary 8.0L quad turbo W16 engine with 1,100lb feet of torque, which delivers an unbelievable 1,200 horsepower! Although it is limited to a speed of 233mph on roads, Meo Costantini can reach speeds of well beyond 250mph, making it the world’s fastest car – a record that was made official in April last year. It was also able to complete the 0-62mph cycle in mere 2.6 seconds!

Bugatti Veyron Meo Costantini

While the Veyron Meo Costantini Hypercar candidly bears his name, there are several features that are designed to evoke memories of Meo Costantini. Its doors, wings and edges of the front bumper are made out of hand polished aluminum, while the remaining portion is a unique shade of “Bugatti dark Blue Sport” which was a popular trend in the French cars of 1920s.

New Veyron Meo Costantini

Other distinctive elements include an outline of the Targa Florio race track, which was where Costantini achieved a major success. His signature has also been engraved into the car’s body at the petrol and oil cap covers and into the interior, such as the seat headrests.


  1. I feel the need to chime in here:

    “The Vitesse was driven to a top speed of 408.84 km (253 MPH) with the roof down in April 2013, making it the fastest production roadster ever built.”

    The article makes a point to distinguish that this car is the fastest roadster. Roadster = open top. Therefore, while it may be the fastest “roadster”, this Bugatti is not the fastest car in the world.

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